Emily Mogavero

Frederick Law Olmsted School
Class of 2020

2014 Dash-in-the-Dark
Oakfield-Alabama High School

2014 West Seneca XC Invitational
Girls Varsity - Small Schools

What do you enjoy about your event?
What I love about cross country is that it helps me set goals for myself. When I run, I am determined to do my best.

What has been the highlight in your running/throwing/jumping career thus far?
The highlight of my running career so far was when I ran the "Mud Run", a four mile race in Boston, NY. It was such a fun race! I came in first in my age groupand 14th overall!

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you while competing?
Well, I haven't had too many race experiences thus far so I guess the only funny things that have happened are jokes that I remember when I'm running!

What thoughts run through your head while competing?
When I'm running, I think of how to beat my previous time.

What other sports do you enjoy?
I enjoy soccer and swimming.

What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is steak, Yummmmmm!

What is one of your favorite movies?
One of my favorite movies is the "Hunger Games: Catching Fire"

What would be your ideal vacation?
My ideal vacation would be going to Italy.

Who is your role model and why?
My role model is my Nana because her father dies when she was young. She worked to help her mother provide for her family when she was older. She worked at "BE a Friend" and helped many kids. She is a kind, selfless person.

What do you do to relax?
I like to cuddle up on the couch and watch a good movie.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
I see myself excelling in my running career in 20 years.